Month: April 2017

4 Tips to HCG Injections

Compare with Previous Photographs

You could see the results of the procedure within three to ten days. It is a good idea to take pictures before the procedure. You could then check the results instead of relying solely on your memory. Many patients simply do not recall exactly how they looked prior to the procedure and are completely astonished to see the difference when a picture is shown.

hcgPatients must understand that HCG at best, reduces body fat, but does not erase them. Deeper fat cells tend to become less deep and the superficial lines actually disappear.

Some Don’ts Post the Procedure

Avoid Massaging

HCG treatment is known to use micro needles for injecting the agent right into the targeted patches of your body. Doctors advise you to stay away from touching or massaging or rubbing the area for at least 12 hours post the procedure.

Stay Away from Sunbathing or Tanning
You need to cut down sun exposure post the procedure for a couple of weeks. Do not sunbathe or go for tanning. Use sunscreen and do not expose yourself to the sun for more than an hour at a stretch.

Don’t Use Whitening or Cleaning Agents
Avoid using alpha hydroxyl acids, retinoid and any harsh chemical exfoliants for a couple of weeks post the procedure. If you use these harsh products, the results may be affected. Use only mild baby soaps to clean your face during this period.