Month: January 2017

Tips to Improve Your Fitness Website’s Google Ranking

Ranking your fitness website on the top of Google means a lot to your business. After all, the higher your website’s reach, the higher your sales and revenues. Fitness SEO blogging is not easy, but it calls for regular, proactive work on your part.

Write Relevant Content

If you don’t have substance in your writing, you will not be able to impress your readers. Top personal trainers certification will suggest you choose interesting topics with attractive titles that interest your readers. If you can’t think of a topic, derive inspiration from other blogs. Read as much as you can before you begin writing a blog post.

You can narrate your funny experience, good or bad days and also take feedback from the comments on your blogs.

Better yet, take videos and images of your fitness classes and put it up regularly on your blog. Even if you don’t want to fill it with content, then you can always put up a picture blog. This is the best way to showcase your talent and experience to your prospective customers.

Everything depends on content. Write fitness SEO friendly blogs that encourage debate or discussions on the comments column. You can also have section that allows readers to put up their queries, which you would answer in a day or two.

Google Ranking

Update Your Blog Regularly

The challenge with fitness SEO blog is that you need to be regular and proactive. Your fitness blog has to be active every day.

The best way to do it is keep churning out new researched content. If you need more time for a new blog, then you can update your existing blogs. If you blog is active, then you will be able to sustain the ranking on the search engines.

If you are not able to write frequently, then start a grievance column and stay dedicated to it. It does not take must time to answer to fitness or health problems that others write to you about. As a result, you get the bandwidth to do your research and give something new to your readers frequently.

Focus on Metadata

While designing your website, make it mandatory for each page to have the tags to insert the metadata.

This will also help you maintain your ranking or even raise your rank in the search engine. Concentrate on all three metadata components – title, description and keyword. Don’t forget, the title metadata is the most important as it is displayed on the browser window.

The description metadata describes your website for the viewer, tempting them to click on the link, enter your website and read the blog.

Keyword metadata is significant as people can get instant access to your website if they use certain key words that you have also used on your website. So, the search engine will match those key words, and bring up your website as a result on the browser page.

Why do Muscles Shake During Difficult Boot Camp Workouts?

While it could cause a moment of fear – quivering of your muscles after a difficult workout – the physical reaction is actually something good. It is a sign that your body is responding positively to the workout and is gaining in strength. So there is no need to panic and speed-dial your Dangerously Fit – Personal Trainers Sydney. Those quivering muscles are telling you that your foundation is being reinforced, and your workout has been successful.

Kettle bell Workout

Reasons why muscles shake:

  • When the muscles get really tired after a boot camp workout, they become acidic because of accumulated hydrogen ions. For instance you are into a third round of planks. You may begin to feel a bit wobbly. This is because of pain in the muscles, causing discomfort. When this happens a message is sent to your brain telling the body to take a break. It is a situation where you are overcome with fatigue. As you progress in your workouts and your body gains in conditioning and strength, onset of any such fatigue attack takes longer to happen. If your body is well conditioned you will experience good nerve recruitment – negating such muscle quivering.
  • Another cause for muscle shaking is when you start a new workout which is challenging. This is because of the motor patterns in the brain which relay commands when walking etc. When you indulge in a new demanding activity such as split squats your brain has to decide how to control the same. Muscle groups have to work in tandem to perform the new activity and this can result in a bit of a shakeup. You can experience this type of muscle quivering even if you have had a long break in between workouts. The return to working out can result in homeostasis – meaning the system is subjected to shock due to disruption, in turn resulting in such shaking response.
  • Proper breathing technique is very important when working out. If you hold your breath your body undergoes stress and you will experience muscle shaking. You need to relax and breathe normally. If you do experience any muscle shaking, you should change your breathing rhythm to normal and the shaking will stop. Recovering post-workout is also important. About half an hour after exercising you should replenish the glycogen in your body with foods that are muscle-building. This will ensure you are stronger and fresher for the next workout session.
  • Every workout needs to be undertaken with caution and care. If after a heavy session you feel muscle shaking taking place, remember in some instances it could be dangerous. If you are doing weight lifting and the muscles quiver because of the force you are putting on them, you may not be able to control the same. It is then time to stop. Some workouts like lunges could be improved by adding a bit of weight for better grounding and balance. But here too, if the weight is on the heavy side you could lose your balance and be prone to injury. So in such a case it is time to stop.


The above tips should help you to know when muscle shaking is good or bad during workouts. If you have any doubts you should check with your Dangerously Fit – Personal Trainers Sydney who is qualified and experienced enough to put you on the right track.

All about gym workouts

There is approximately something like six hundred and thirty nine muscles in a human body and it is not an easy thing to get each to exercise. There are many workout exercises designed to get your main muscles to work.
Going to the gym is seriously going to help you out because there are so many different machines made to work on any particular areas of your body.

On the other hand, there are areas that cannot be improved with the use of gym equipment. In this case, the best solution is still to go down on the floor and do a particular move without any machine around you.
There are various gym workouts you can use. You can find them either on boards or leaflets in gyms like Leicester gyms, Manchester gyms or any other gyms in the United Kingdom or around the world. But you can also find a lot of help and tips on the internet. You will discover that a lot of sites are specialized around gym workouts and even some are specialized on loosing body fat or building up muscles for one specific area of your body. Internet is an amazing source of information where boundaries do not exist. You can read tips written by a gym specialist in the United States of America from your home in Scotland or London, and then read something written by a woman down under in Australia.

Basically, you can find everything on the internet. Make sure the articles and tips you are reading look serious as you do not want to harm yourself while doing a gym workout you have read about on an article on internet.
That is why it is important to look at professional sites. A lot of gym groups provide some free tips on their sites. If you are a gym member, look at the names on the gym equipment and then look up the company’s site where you will usually also find great information and a lot of tips about how to use the equipment and also about gym workouts you can do beside.

Whatever exercise you do, always remember to build up speed or the amount of weight you are using gradually. Never go full on the first time as you will certainly regret it quickly. Your body needs time to get used to the exercise. It is also very important to stretch once you have done all your fitness exercises. If you do not stretch, you will have muscle pain the following morning when you wake up.